rocKsun Rapper Controversy Explain, ‘Rap Song’ Turns To Controversy With SPPU

Pune: Pune University has filed a case against Marathi hip-hop rapper Shubham Jadhav. In front of the main building of Pune University, Shubham & his team shoots a rap song video on the university premises writing abusive lyrics in its content. For that, a case has been registered at the Chaturshringi police station.

rocksun rap song controversy

Savitribai Phule Pune University has demanded a committee to investigate this rap song case. The University has taken action in this case to raise questions that The content is objectionable & abusive lyrics. The youths in front of the university carry a bottle of liquor, a sword & pistol in this video. The police registered a complaint after rocKsun uploaded a video on youtube. After this varsity officials filed a complaint.

Shubham Jadhav aka Rocksun raises questions regarding filed FIR. Subham Said, “How can I shoot a rap song at university without permission? I had permission. I wrote a letter to ask for permission from the university officials. Registrar ‘Prafull Pawar sir gave me permission on the phone himself. Revile is a part of our society. Revile is done in many online series today. Speaking abusively is a part of my content and I will continue to do it.”

Dr. Prafull Pawar registrar at sppu strongly condemned this act. The sppu officials notice that he is filming abusive rap songs using a background of the university premises.

NCP student wing leader akshay patil, raises this issue as soon as possible to the university officials. He said that he is not against the shubham or his song but an elaborate shoot inside its auditoriums & meeting rooms is objectionable.,

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