12 Puneri Slangs/ Words Every ‘Punekar’ Needs To Know

12 Puneri Slangs/ Words Every ‘Punekar’ Needs To Know

What will come to your mind first if you say Pune City? Marathi culture, education, hill stations, and historic Shaniwarwada right? But Punekar’s words i.e. their words/slangs are a bit strange. Today we have some such words that every Punekar must know. “12 Puneri Slangs You Need To Know To Blend In With The Locals”.


Vishay Ye Ka

“Vishay Ye Ka?”Puneri slang means is what was the problem? What is the issue? This word is commonly used in Pune & Kolhapur for people who have concerns or problems that someone might have.

Aawara Aawara

This is a special Puneri word that has just come into trading. “Aawaraa hyala” is a Puneri word that means to “control him. Control too much”. Now you know that you can use this word when your friend is bragging too much in a group discussion.

Waaybal Zhala To

Punekars use this word when someone is jumbled when he is in a critical situation. ‘Waaybal’ Jumbled, Muddled are some meanings of this word.

Balach Hawa

‘Balach Hawa Karat Hota’ is a Puneri Slang/ Sentence used to define someone Showing-off in Event or In-group when it is not needed/ Nessary there.

Bhanjalala Ye Ka Re

This is a very interesting alternative word when one of your friends is incomprehensible to listen to you. This word is mostly used by college students when they are gossiping.

Khavat Ye

It is a completely strange word to say. Because this word can be used in many places. Commonly ‘Khawat’ is a word used to refer to a person or his bitter/ indifferent nature.


This is a talking point. Suppose there is a great party at a big birthday party, or there is a lot of excitement. Punekars use the word vigorously to express this word ‘Radaach’.

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Vadhiv Ha

Terrific, Excellent, Unthinkable, Oustanding, Superb This is the meaning of the word ‘Vaadhiv’. This one Puneri word will accommodate all the English words.


The word ‘Kadakk’ is pronounced to refer to something very great or one of the best. When something is great Punekar uses Kadakk Ex. Kadakk Jaga or Kadakk Jevan

Kasli Dhass Ye Re Hi

This word is used when you have to appreciate something that cannot be another thing like it. Most boys use this word to refer to a Girl ( How Sweet Are She) or How beautiful, is she?

Phone Taak

Punekars use the word to some extent. When you say ‘Phone Taak’ that means you giving orders to a person or friend. Call Me or Call Me Later. This word is used when two friends working in the future together for a discussion.

Kaay Mag

‘Kaay Mag’ is a common word among Pune Citizens. This word is being said to a close person. When they met again in the future. Kaay Mag Kas Kaay Means WhatsApp, WhatsGoing on. Kaay Mag is a typical & old Puneri word.

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