We want to make the Puneri Portal blog/ website an exclusive portal for Pune City. Our main objective is to give correct information & guide well to the lakhs of Pune’s people. We will keep sharing every small and big event related to Pune City on this blog.

Puneri Portal

Our mostly main users visit from Pune City. Puneri Portal Blog is shared in the interest of the people and for their knowledge.

As we mentioned, daily updates and information about Pune affairs are given on Puneri Portal. Here we keep sharing whatever we think that this news will be beneficial for you.

If there is any such thing which is becoming famous or is going to happen in our Pune City, then you can get us informed about it on our blog. If we can share any important information, then you can contact us.

Puneri Portal Aim is to reach you with every information which is important for the coming days. On this blog, we present information in English. If you are having trouble understanding this language, then you can change it with the help of a translation tool.

On this blog, you will get information related to the topic given below from Detail in English.

  • Pune information
  • Directory
  • Education News
  • Pune Guide
  • Jobs
  • & More

Apart from Puneri Portal, we have another fantastic blog AalsiBachelor.in. Where we share important information about Pune University.

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