Krishna Satpute Biography, Early Life, Career, Wife, Net Worth, Stats & Records

Krishna Satpute Biography, Early Life, Career, Wife, Net Worth, Stats & Records

Krishna Satpute: Krishna Laxman Satpute In the history of Indian tennis cricket, called Badshah, Sachin. Krishna Satpute is one of the most famous professional cricketers in Maharashtra & India. Krishna Satpute is also the leader of the Indian Tennis Cricket Team, which won the Champions Trophy in Dubai. Krishna was born on May 1, 1983, in Maharashtra’s district of Solapur and plays for Pune’s famous tennis cricket team, Pratik 11, also known as Pratik Sports Pune.

Krishna Satpute

Krishna Satpute

Krishna was born in ‘Dhavlas village in Mhada. His father was a railway employee. He was transferred to Kurduwadi, and the first turning point in Krishna’s life came at school age. The elder boys of the village used to play cricket on the field, and Krishna used to stay on the boundary line and watch their cricket. After some time, Krishna started playing cricket with them.

Krishna’s home situation was very poor, and his father was diagnosed with cancer. Attempts were made for treatment, but eventually, his father died. After one month, Krishna lost his parents’ from his head. Krishna used to do whatever he wanted to pay off the mountain of debt on his head. In all this work, he did not leave one thing, and that is cricket.


Krishna’s educational qualification is that he passed 12th grade only, with no further education in the future. He started his professional tennis-cricket journey in 2009. Pune’s famous tennis cricket team asked him to play for his club. Krishna played for Pratik’s 11 clubs for 9 years. Krishna’s favorite tournament is the Suprimo & Santacruz Trophy.

In 2019, Prateek 11 reached the final of a major tournament in Goa. Raigad’s team was in front of him in the final. Pratik 11 needed 88 runs in 8 overs. But they lose 5 wickets for 17. Krishna was the last batsman on the team. In this match, Krishna dominated the pure field. He scored 60 runs in this match. And by keeping one over, the team won the match. Krishna still says that this is one of his favorite innings.


Some of the notable records are that he made a hundred in 2013 in just 28 balls. He has made over 20′ centuries in his whole career. He has made three sixes in over a year. In the 2011 tournament, he scored 14 sixes in a single match, which is a phenomenal record in tennis-cricket history. In Karawal, Karnataka, he scored 159 runs in just 57 balls. His best score is 138 runs.

Quick Stats

Awards4 Bikes as a reward
Centuries or Half Centuries20/ 61
Best Score159* Runs in 57 Balls
Special Record Hundred in 28 Balls (2013)
Special Record 14 Sixes in One Match (2011)
Special Record6 Sixes in an Over (3 Times)

KS Brand Bat ( Krishna Satpute Brand Bat Price & Shop )

Krishna Satpute has launched its own brand, KS Bat. Which one is a premium tennis cricket bat brand in Maharashtra. He launched the KS Brand Bat in 2012. Which shop is located in Pune, Hadapasar. He launched a 35-inch and 36-inch bat version. The Semi-Upper Blade Bat weighed around 1kg to 1100 kg in the Player Edition. The price is Rs. 2,500. The second one is a 36-inch Bat Semi Upper Blade Bat Weighted Same 1kg to 1100grm Player Edition. Price: Rs. 2,500+ Courier Charges: Free.

Screenshot 134 1

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Wife & Daughter

Krishna & Rupali He got married in 2004, apparently after he lost his parents. He got married only when he was 20 years old. Rupali narrates how Krishna overcame all the difficulties in his life and moved forward. “I still remember how people said bad things to us after we got married. People have said what a lot your husband will achieve in his life just by playing cricket. It is better to get a job. But today I want to tell them all to see the condition of the people, support them, and not abuse their weakness.” Rupali Says.

Krishna Satpute Wife

Net Worth

Krishna has earned a lot in his tennis-cricket career so far. As we told you earlier, apart from cricket, he is running an offline and online sports shop, which he started in 2012. He earns Rs 5 lakh annually from his cricket career. As we know, retail sports shops are a profitable business in India. According to social media, YouTube channels, sportswear shops, & his personal income, his net worth is around Rs 80 lakh.

Social Media Channels

Krishna is still very active on his Instagram and YouTube channels. He has close to 2 lakh followers on his Instagram handle and close to 1.5 lakh subscribers on his YouTube channel. He earns an estimated 9 to 10 thousand rupees monthly from his YouTube channel.

Instagram Account krishna_satpute_official
Facebook AccountKrishna Satpute
Youtube ChannelKrishna Satpute Official

Krishna Satpute Bike/Car Collection

Krishna recently opened up and revealed about the car and bike collection he got and earned in his tennis and cricket career. He shared a video on his YouTube channel about it. Firstly, he bought a Hyundai Santro as his first car. He collected money for his dream to buy a car from his own earnings, which was completed in 2014.

He has a collection of over 20 to 21 bikes that he got as a gift from the tournament. He is talking about cars, so he has 3 cars in his home. He said that he was not stopping here. Many more prizes are yet to come. He also revealed his trophy collection. He said that he got a thousand plus trophy in his professional tennis and cricket career.

Quick Information

Krishna Laxman Satpute Village/DistrictDhavlas, Solapur
Main Team NamePratik 11
Date of Birth 1983-05-01
Playing RoleAll Rounder (RHB)
Education 12th Fail
Bike Car Collection21, 22 Bikes and 3 Cars
Networth80-85 Lakhs

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Question)

Krishna Satpute Salary?

A tennis player’s salary is not fixed. Whenever they play for their team, in India, the team owner or sponsor of tennis cricket buys him for a certain price to play for their team. Krishna Satpute is a professional tennis and cricket player from India. He earns way better than other cricketers. The golden days for tennis and cricket started after 2016. Krishna has played in thousands of leagues in India & outside India. The net worth of Krishna Satpute is given in the above blog post.

Krishna Satpute Age

Krishna turned 41 in 2024. He was born in 1983.

How many trophy collections are owned by Krishna?

Throughout his tennis cricket career, he played over 2,000 matches. He has more than 1,000 trophies in his home. He said he has many trophies, but he never lost a single one of them. He kept them all in a single room.

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