G20 in Pune: See How PMC Changes Pune’s Beautification as it hosts the G20 Summit 2023

Pune: The G20 Summit 2023 in Pune is all set to host. India is hosting the G20 in Pune in September. But Earlier 4 meetings will be held across Pune. The leaders from the world’s largest economies to discuss a wide range of global issues. The 4 conferences were held in Pune. The PMC is changing the look of Pune. Now, Pune is ready for the G20 conference.

Chandrakant Patil Guardian Minister of Pune Says, We have seen all the preparations on behalf of the G20 conference. We are going to host representatives from 34 countries which are 120. This will be a great opportunity when will celebrate the culture of Maharashtra and Pune. Citizens are also appealed to take part in the welcome ceremony for the G20 delegates.


The First G20 Infrastructure Working Group Meeting under the G20 India presidency is scheduled to be held on January 16-17 in Pune.

The work of planting small trees on road dividers has started very fast in most of the city and main areas of Pune. Wall painting work is already going on in Pune and after G20 it has been decorated in a theme.

A Twitter user wrote that “G20 should keep coming to Pune every month so that Pune looks beautiful”.

However, things that should have improved earlier in Pune are now visible Eg. SB road now has a bicycle track which appeared miraculously in a few days.

The historic building Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) is the glory of Pune and is ready to host G20 leaders. On this occasion the welcome boards, colors, and tents have been put up to welcome the guests, giving a different excitement to the atmosphere of the university.

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