Arijit Singh to Perform in Pune in January 2023, Know Ticket Prices & How to Get Concert Tickets

Arijit Singh is an Indian music composer & singer who is coming to Pune next year. The trend has already started for live concert shows. Arjit Singh, famous for manly Hindi and Bengali song shows, Arijit Singh, to Perform in Pune in January 2023 on Date 27th in Pune.

Arijit Singh in Pune Live Concert

Many fans are eager to get tickets for the live show of Arijit Singh, but a trend has also started on social media about it. Live concert tickets have been a lot of tweets on social media. The price of concert tickets has reached from Rs.999 to Rs.9999. The Premium lounge section tickets have gone up to a price of 1.6 Million Rs.

Seeing the craze of Arijit Singh, the price of these tickets is surprising everyone. “I got one of the platinum tickets once for Arijit’s concert in 2020 at the same place Luckily I did not have to pay for it” “I might buy a room next door to him and listen to him daily… 1600000 for a concert I will better cry at home,” Some fans say.

But the fact check is These are fake ticket prices we are seeing. Live concert ticket prices are starts from 999 to 9999 INR with different categories and seatings.

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The fans are very excited about this live concert going to be held at The Mills Sangamwadi Pune. Both standing and seating facility at the show is available. Tickets are free for children up to 3 years of age. But they will not be allowed seating. Free valet parking is allowed with Diamond, Platinum, and Premium Lounges. Professional photography and videography are forbidden. Food and beverages will also be available at the venue.

Singh Show’s live concert tickets will be easily available to you on Paytm & Book My Show. The location of this concert is Raja Bahadur Road, Behind Hotel Grand Sheraton, Sangamwadi, Pune 411001

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