Pune Metro: How To Get ‘One Pune Card’, Check Price, Travelers’ Benefits & Offers

Pune Metro (One Pune Card): A fascinating update for Pune residents has come from the Pune Metro Project. Pune Metro has today launched ‘One Pune Card’. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari and Maharashtra State Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis and Pune District Guardian Minister Chandrakantdada Patil inaugurated the new campaign ‘Pune Metro Ek Card’ when they came to inaugurate the flyover at Chandni Chowk in Pune today.

Pune Metro: Ek Pune Card

What is Pune Metro: One Pune Card

Pune Metro Ek Pune One Pune Card is a prepaid card for all passengers. Pune Metro officially partnered with HDFC Bank for this. This is a Multipurpose card for all users to make payments all over India. Pune Metro One Pune Card supports National comment Mobility Card norms. This means you can use this card to pay all over India for the services like Buses & Metro. This contactless card means you pay without any obstruction in less than 5 seconds. Through this card, we can easily do small and big transactions, i.e. we don’t need a PIN for transactions up to 5 thousand. The card is available in all Metro Stations of Pune. The first 5 thousand users will receive a free card.

How to get ‘One Pune CardOnline

Pune Metro One Pune Card is available all over the available open metro stations across Pune. You can easily visit the inquiry office & they will provide the card within 30 Min. Now you might have a question that how to get this card online. Well, Pune Metro also has an online solution for this. you just need to go to the official portal of the Pune Metro page. On this website see the option to get One Pune Card. You need to fill out the form & within 7 working days, you can receive a package with a card by courier.

By the given steps can easily purchase One Pune Card, Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to your nearby Pune Metro Station.

Step 2: You can get a QR Code on the Ticket Counter, Scan it.

Step 3: You can Receive a Link on your Mobile Screen, Click on It.

Step 4: HDFC Bank Digital Form will appear on the Screen.

Step 5: Fill The given Form Correctly (You need to enter valid details here)

Step 6: Click on Submit Button.

Step 7: You will get a Ref. The number for Your Card, You need to Hand over this number to the ticket counter.

Step 8: You will Receive almost 2-3 Otp for the card activation. You need to give OTP Details to metro officials at that time.

Step 9: You need to select a PIN for the One Pune Card.

Step 10: That’s It! Your Card is Fully Activated Now. You Can Topup It for future rides.

Documents Required To Purchase ‘One Pune Card

Pune Metro requires complete identity verification as part of the Maha Metro passenger smart card program.

To get a One Pune Card in Pune, You have to keep one of the below documents when the time of purchase card.


What is the Price of ‘One Pune Card

The service price is also been revealed on the card just after its inauguration. One Pune Card offers you various benefits. The interesting offer of this card is currently card giving a 10% instant discount on ticket prices. The Price of a One Pune Card is 150 Rupees plus GST.

benefits/ Features of One pune card

There are multiple benefits of this card. Passengers just need to use it if they have daily up-down in city areas.

  1. Contactless & Efficient: The card offers you to pay with just one tap. No need for a PIN for transactions up to 5000Rs.
  2. Discount Offer: Currently the commutators getting instant 10% discounts on regular ticket prices.
  3. No need to queue: By using this card, there is no need to buy tickets every time. Passengers easily enter & exit by just taping the AFC gate. After that fares automatically deduct from the distance you traveled.
  4. Availability Across Nation: Card is accessible throughout our country for paying for All Metro stations & bus services.
  5. Payments: This is a Multipurpose card so you can use this also for retail payments across India.

The One Pune Card is also beneficial for the daily Up Down commutators & students. Parents can buy avail this card for their students. The future of Pune Metro is looking awesome. Maha Metro officials said passengers can get more exciting benefits & offers & rewards in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Documents Needed to Activate One Pune Card’?

You need to keep your Aadhar Card & Pan Card at the time of card activation.

How to Apply Online for One Pune Card?

For the service apply online window for the One Pune Card is not opened yet. We will update all details here as soon as we can get an update about it.

What is The Eligibility to Get One Pune Card?

Well, the 13-18 years of age person need an Aadhar card or passport number. If you are 18+ you need any of these Pancard/ Voter Id card/ Passport/ Driving Licence/ NREGA Job Card/ Aadhar Card (last for digits) documents.

What are the TopUp Charges for One Pune Card?

The charge for One Pune Metro Card is 1.8% or Rs.12 (whichever is less)

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