Mangaaji (Mangesh Kakad) Biography, पाटील, Education, Village, Family, Networth & More

Mangaaji (Mangesh Kakad) Biography: Mangaaji (Mangu) is a famous Youtube & Instagram reels creator personality in the Marathi creator’s world. Mangaaji Aka Mangesh Kakad social media start & influencer. Mangesh is famous for their reels which make people laugh with quirky and funny scripts. In Mangaaji reels, a person named Patil (पाटील) is very famous, which is shown depicting the word, Patil in a rural area.

Mangaji (Mangesh Kakad) Biography

Maangaji (Mangesh Kakad) Biography

If you do not know then the name of the owner of the Mangaaji Instagram and youtube channel is Mangesh Kakad who is seen in the lead role in reels. They say that in the pre-Covid period, my team and I had been doing theater programs for 11 years. When there was a lockdown in the country, I decided to reach people through reels on digital platforms. Slowly each and every reel of mine went viral. At the beginning of 2021, I got 5 million views on one viral reel, then from here my youtube and social media journey was started properly. Here I decided to continue this momentum.

Patil’ Charecter in Mangaaji Reels

Mangesh tells that the ‘Patil’ character was inspired by my Grandfather. This is a character inspired by my family. Not totally but I have exaggerated this character for my reels. But in reality, I am quite the opposite.

Mangesh Kakad Family

My father is of a calm nature. I have a joined family. We are a total of 14 people living in our house. He says that I belong to a farmer’s family. Mangesh says we used to do the work of supplying vegetables and fruits.

Mangesh Kakad (Mangaaji) Eduaction

Mangesh Kakad tells that he has completed his education in the ‘Civil Engineering’ stream. He worked in Nashik for 4 years. He decided that now I shift to Mumbai because he wanted to see opportunities for an acting career. He quit this job in 2019 and immediately after that covid took entry and we family started doing farming work from home.

Mangesh Kakad Village Name

Mangesh Kakad and his joined family live in Nashik. He lives in Makhmalabad village in Nashik district. You must have often seen that they shoot around this village in their reels.

Mangesh Kakad Future Plans

Mangesh Kakad tells that he is also going to upload long-duration videos on his channel. He wants to work on movies and web series. He is now including new characters in his reels. His series is coming on YouTube. They are starting work on this very soon. After Diwali, we can get to see this series on his channel. Its scripting and writing have just started.

Mangesh Kakad Birthday

Mangesh was born on June 5, 1997. HE is currently 26 Years old in 2023.

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Mangesh Kakad Social Media Accounts

Mangesh Kakad is very active on his social media accounts. He has more than 7 lakh plus Instagram & 1 lakh + subscribers on his youtube channel. He has the most followed Marathi social media influencer on Instagram. He posts reels & some vlogs on his youtube channel. Check his social media accounts below.

Mangaji Social Media Accounts
Instagram Account@mangaaji
Facebook pagemangaaji
Youtube Channel@mangaaji_

Mangesh Kakad Networth

The Mangesh Kakad Networth is not revealed so far, Once we get some information about we can update it here.

Quick Information

Mangaaji Real NameMangesh Kakad
BirthdayJune 5/ 1997
CollegeNot Reveal Yet
Education Not officially Reveal Yet
Mangesh Kakad YoutubeMangesh Kakad MK
Mangesh Kakad MK

FAQ (Previously Asked Question)

Why Mangesh Used Mangu Named To His Character?

Mangesh’s grandfather used to call him Mangu, so he later gave this name Mangu to his famous Character. Mangesh’s Grandfather’s name is Bajirao & after Mangesh’s name combined the final nickname opened up is Mangaaji. Now it’s a Catchy name we all know.

Is Mangesh Kakad Married?

The simple answer is Not Yet.

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