Gavarchi Sheng Biography (Anushka), Age, Boyfriend, Team, Family, Networth & More

Gavarchi Sheng Biography (Anushka): The Marathi content creation world is now much bigger and broader. Marathi girls are also earning more and more money and fame on social media platforms and becoming independent. If you follow the Marathi reel and vlog channel on Instagram, you must hear about and have seen an Instagram channel named Gavarchi Sheng. The real name of Gavarchi Sheng is Anushka Kulkarni. Anushka makes reels on Instagram and vlog videos for YouTube as well. Anushka is known for her cool acting in reels, strong captions, and many well-known creators in Pune.

Gavarchi Sheng (Anushka) Biography

Gavarchi Sheng (Anushka Kulkarni)

Anushka Kulkarni is from Maharashtra’s famous city, Pune. She started making his YouTube vlogs and Instagram reels in the middle of 2020. Today, she has more than 2 lakh followers on his social media channels. Anushka explains why she named her channel “Gavarchi Sheng.” Anushka says, “Initially, we (my friend and me, Anushka) had set such a target that if we do not get 500 followers in 3 months, then we will close the channel. To be honest, we could not reach 500 followers in 3 months, and my friend quit working with me, but I kept it going because it was a lot of fun making videos and reels. I changed the name of this channel to “Gavarchi Sheng,and I knew that one day it would become my identity.

As we all know now, Anushka is consistently active on his social media channels. Anushka says that she comes from a very strict family. He loved doing video making and video shooting, traveling, and vlogging from the very beginning of her childhood.

Gavarchi Sheng Education

Anushka says that her family is an engineering family. Anushka has completed a three-year engineering course. She has completed her graduation and wants to start a technical startup as well as get an MBA degree. But at that time, content creation and vlogging used to give him different levels of confidence and happiness. Anushka said that she was pretty active in college. Every time she scores well in academic sessions, she has even won the best freshman award!

Gavarchi Sheng Birthday Date

Anushka’s birthday is on the 21st of June. Her date of birth is 1999. He uploaded a vlog on his birthday where he is celebrating his birthday.

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Gavarchi Sheng Team

Anushka does not work with any team, nor does she have any units. In Reels, she has friends and fans who like to feature in videos with them. Anushka has worked with many big creators like Atharva Sudame, Danny Pandit, Pawan Waghulakar, Aaryak Pathak, and more. You can see them all in one video.

Gavarchi Sheng First Viral Reel

Anushka’s first viral reel caption is Does India even have “beach wear”? Meri maa ne toh in kapado me bhi data that! This reel has 20 million views on YouTube and across her social media platforms.

Apart from this, she is also active on the vlogging channel. She uploads her travel vlogs, which are worth watching.

Gavarchi Sheng Social Media Accounts

Anushka has been very active on her Instagram channel from the very beginning. She has almost 3 lakh followers across social media. The growth of the Gavarchi Sheng YouTube channel and Instagram handle followers is quite impressive. Her Instagram channel has 1.5 lakh followers now, and her YouTube channel has almost 1 lakh completed. She posts the reels and some behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram and uploads long-tail travel entertainment vlogs on Youtube. Check out her social media accounts below.

Gavarchi Sheng (Anushka Kulkarni) Social Media Accounts
Instagram Account gavarchi__sheng
Facebook PageNo Official
Youtube Channel@GavarchiSheng

Gavarchi Sheng Networth (Income)

Anushka has 3 lakh followers across social media platforms. Anushka started his YouTube channel in the year 2020. He is mostly active on both Instagram & youtube from the beginning phase. Now we major in some statistics for his Instagram channel. These figures whether not correct or accurate. But we try to get closer to the figures. Accordingly, we major & in some tools given the data. Anushka’s Networth is around 30K dollars till now he earns. Monthly his earnings are touching the mark of 2 lakhs to 2.5 lakh Indian Rupees.

Quick Information

Anushka Kulkarni EducationCompleted a three-year engineering course
Age 22 in 2023
BoyfriendNot Reveal
TeamNot Team (Just friends)

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Anushka Kulkarni Have a Boyfriend?

She does not reveal her boyfriend. I mean Asel tari aaplya paryant hi mahiti aaleli nahiye. So Stay Calm!

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