Danny Pandit Biography, Real Name, Family, Education Net Worth & More

Danny Pandit Biography: Marathi content creator and social media influencer Danny Pandit has become a big name in the Marathi content creation world today. His reels have a mixture of a strong script, sharp acting, strong dialogue, and a heavy punch at the end, which is seen and discussed on every mobile device today. Danny Pandit’s YouTube channel, which tells the stories of people from Marathi, Pune, and Pune, is gaining momentum today. He also worked on the Bhadipa 9–5 web series on YouTube.

Danny Pandit Biography, Real Name, Girlfriend, Family, Education Net Worth & More

Danny Pandit

Danny Pandit’s real name is Mukesh Pandit. But Mukesh’s name and Danny’s way of making videos are completely opposite. He tells the story of Danny’s name. Danny is from India’s famous city, Pune. He said when we were children, we had a big brother here in our chawl; his name was Saurabh, but we used to call him Balya. He used to give random nicknames to our chawl children, and he gave me a name based on my hairstyle and dressing personality. He used to call me ‘Danny’ at that time.

Danny Pandit starts telling stories from his childhood. He says that content creation, or video making, has been his hobby since childhood. Danny said he has been interested in content creation since childhood. Except for studies, I was more inclined towards other things like sports, cricket, and video making.

Danny Pandit Education

Danny has done his schooling at New English School Ramanbuag, located in Narayanpeth, Pune. Danny says his father wanted to see him at MPSC to become a policeman. But Danny didn’t have these things in mind. Subconsciously, he wanted to go into the art field or make videos. But he paid attention to his studies for his father.

He got his Bachelor of Commerce (B.com) degree from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune. After that, he did the 3-year LLB Law Degree program. Along with this, he also did the CS (Company Secretary) course. Danny says that he had a hard time taking the law exam.

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Danny Pandit Family

Danny also has a sister. Danny says there was a time when the sister started earning. Danny’s father used to call him Bhai, and his father says to him, ‘Bhai’ You will also start now to earn money at this point in time. The names of Danny’s father, sister, and mother have not been revealed so far. We will update here as soon as we get an update on this.

Danny Pandit’s Birthday Date

Danny Pandit’s birthday is on the 21st of June. His date of birth is 1994. He uploaded a vlog on his birthday, where he is celebrating his birthday in Nhavi Khed Shivapur.

Danny’s First Viral Reel

Danny Pandit started making reels on his social media and YouTube two years ago. After uploading about 30–40 videos, one reel went viral. The pictorial of the video was shot outside a Starbucks outlet in Pune. In this, Danny had written on the board, ‘Chaay is best, meaning tea is best. This reel went viral, and Danny started getting fame from here. Unfortunately, this reel isn’t available on his channel or across social media.

Danny’s New Rap Song

Danny Pandit recently released his first short rap song video, Badmash Boy. He made a Badshah Boy rap song and collaborated with the TSNR YouTube channel. He wrote and performed with the group in his video. He does not tease any solo rappers in his lyrics or video as well. He performs in this video with the famous creators, Atharva Sudame and Pawan Waghulkar.

Danny Pandit’s Team

As you know, we see more than one artist in Danny’s reel videos. That name has Atharv Sudame, Pavan Vaghulkar, Sameer, & Niranjan. You can see them in the below image.

Danny Pandit Team

Danny Pandit’s Social Media Accounts

Danny Pandit is very active on his social media accounts. He has more than 4 lakh followers on one of his Instagram accounts. He is the most followed social media influencer among Marathi content creators. He posts reels & some parts of the vlog on his social accounts. check his social media accounts below.

Danny Pandit Social Media
Instagram Account 1st@dannyypandit
Instagram Account 2nd@thedannypandit
Facebook Pagedannypanditt
Youtube Channel@dannypandit112
Business With Danny PanditEmail Here

Danny Pandit’s Net Worth

Danny Pandit’s YouTube channel has more than 3 lakh active subscribers. Danny started his YouTube channel 7 years ago. he uploaded over 400+ reels & videos. Danny Pandit also takes sponsorships on his channel. We have measured the net worth of Danny Pandit estimated net worth is $1,40,000.

Quick Information

Danny Pandit Real NameMukesh Pandit
Danny Pandit EducationCS (Company Secretary) course.
3-year LLB Law Degree program.
Bachelor of Commerce (B.com).
Danny Pandit College Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune
New English School Ramanbuag
Danny Pandit Birthday1994 (21 June)
Danny Pandit Team5 Members Team (Mostly Active With 2)

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Danny Pandit’s famous slang?

Danny uses his famous slang ‘Euuuu’ in his video to make it funny & crispy.

Who is Danny’s girlfriend?

It’s still not revealed! We will be back with an update soon.

What is the relationship between Danny & Athrava Sudame?

They are just friends for their content creation. It is not a special thing as they meet for their promotion on each other’s channels.

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