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Bindhast Mulgi (Gauri Pawar) Biography: Gauri Pawar also known as Bindhast Mulgi. Gauri Pawar is a Marathi Content Creator & Social Media Influencer famous for her reels & videos, especially on Youtube. A girl with short hair breaks the stereotypes. Gauri started making reels & videos for her content on Instagram & Youtube. Along with Gauri, you must have also seen her grandmother in her videos. She calls him ‘Aaji’. People also know Gauri Pawar by her name famous name “भावा” (Bhava).


Bindhast Mulgi (Gauri Pawar)

Bindhast Mulgi real name is Gauri Pawar. Gauri leaves in Mumbai. But she is a proper from Ratnagiri, Village Khed Furus Konkan Area. She tells a story behind her name “भावा”. She Said- All girls have long hair. So I told my mother that I would cut my hair. But my mother was stopping me from doing this. I told my brother that I was going to the salon. After that, I cut my hair and my mom is like shocked. I was scared of my father to get in front of them. But my father says, Chal Chotu, 2 cutting la. Since then, people started recognizing me by my short hair.

Gauri says I have mentioned Bhava (Brother) in my bio. Brother is a tagline when I cut my hair. My childhood was spent playing with boys. Cricket, sports, or any other sports I played with the boys. I had very few girlfriends in the middle. I created an identity called Bhava so that people could come and chat with me.

Gauri Pawar Aaji (Grandmother)

You must be seeing Gauri with her grandmother in most of the videos. Gauri tells a story about how Aaji & she started making videos together. Gauri says we just took a video while I was sitting with Aaji on our house premises and Aaji says something abusively in that video and Gauri posted that video on social media. That video suddenly went viral. Since then Aaji has been working in most of Gauri’s videos. Gauri says she is my grandmother. I mean she is not my papa’s mummy but she is my papa’s aunt.

Gauri Pawar Education in Textiles

Gauri Pawar Education

Gauri completed her schooling in Ratnagiri City itself. She shifted from the Konkan region to Mumbai for a college education. She completed her course diploma from ‘Sophia Polytechnic College, Mumbai. She is doing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Design or BFA Textile Design is an undergraduate program.

Gauri Pawar Family

Gauri Pawar Family

Gauri Pawar lives with her family. There are a total of 6 members in Gauri’s family. Father, mother, brother and brother’s wife, and Gauri are such members of their family. When Gauri had gone to Konkan to her grandparents’ house, she had shown in a vlog with her family in her village. As you can see in the photo shown above.

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Gauri Pawar Age

Gauri Pawar Was born on 31 May 2001 in Konkan Village Ratnagiri. As of 2023, she is now 22 years old. Gauri also shared a picture recently on her Instagram when she met new people on her birthday.

Gauri Pawar Birthdate (Age) Birthday

Gauri Pawar Aaji (Gulabo)

Gauri Pawar’s grandmother’s name is Gulab, Gauri calls her Gulabo. You must have seen these two making YouTube and Instagram reels quite a few times. Gulabo and Gauri have a special kind of bonding. Gulabo Aaji is very much liked by those who watch his reels.

Gauri Pawar Images

Gauri Pawar Net Worth (Income)

Gauri Pawar has more than 4 lakh followers on her YouTube channel and Instagram account. He started his YouTube channel in the mid of 2020. Through Social Blade stats and other tools, we came to know that she is earning 5 lakh rupees a month from her YouTube channel. Gauri also earns money from Instagram sponsorship and YouTube sponsorship. Altogether, Gauri is earning Rs 8 lakh in a month.

Gauri Pawar Social Media Accounts

Gauri is very active on her Social Media Accounts. She posts something interesting stuff daily on Instagram & youtube. Gauri is one of the most followed social media influencers among Marathi content creators. She has almost 10 lakh followers across social media channels. She posts some images & some events of his life on Instagram.

Gauri Pawar Social Media Accounts
Instagram AccountGauri Pawar (भावा) 🇮🇳
Youtube ChannelBindhast Mulgi

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Name of Gauri Pawar’s Parents?

Gauri’s Father’s name is Satish & Mother’s name is Reshmi & Brother’s Name is Paresh Pawar.

Gauri’s Date of Birth?

31 May 2001

Does Gauri Pawar Have a Boyfriend?


Where is Gauri Pawar House?

Gauri Pawar lives in Mumbai But her actual Villege in ratnagiri District, Taluka Khed, Villege- Furus.

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