Atharva Sudame Biography, Wife, Family, Education, NetWorth & More

Atharva Sudame Biography: Atharva Sudame is a famous Marathi Content Creator & Influencer who is known for his favorite reels & videos formally uploaded on Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. Atharva calls its ‘Entertainment’ done for the people. Making reels, and entertaining people through videos, they have been doing all this for the last 7-8 years. Atharva is from India’s famous city Pune. He is from Pune Shaniwar Peth.

Atharva Sudame Biography, Wife, family, Education, NetWorth & More

Atharva Sudame

Atharva says that I have been doing programs to entertain people since childhood. Atharva says, “I hate going to school, I used to cry a lot when my parents sent me to school and the kids used to be entertained by it at school”.

He says I saw cartoons on television since my childhood. Childs used to watch cartoons & acting like them. But I never watch it & act like them. I was simply that time & quite different from others. I only watched cricket in my childhood days, And I found that by doing this I can reach a lot more people. When I was in class VII, I had also joined a cricket coaching class, Atharv added.

Atharva Sudame Wife (Rucha Sudame)

Atharva’s Wife’s name is Rucha. Atharva & Rucha has done love marriage. Rucha Sudame also works with Atharva in his reels & videos. Both of them tied their wedding knot in mid of 2022. Both of them celebrated their marriage in a famous villa located in Pune itself. Rucha tells that caring was the first quality in Atharva that she liked. All the other qualities were there in him like Respect, Caring, and other things.

Rucha Sudame

Atharva Sudame Family

Not much information has been revealed about Atharva’s family. Only one of the family members is Richa who works with him in the reels, she is his wife. Meantime 5-6 interviews that Atharva has done so far, he has never mentioned his parents and never talked about them.

Atharva Sudame Education

Atharva Sudame did his schooling at Modern English School. But he says that my English is not good. Me and my friend together we completed our schooling. In school, we were called backbenchers but there came a time when both of us were shifted to the front bench because we were not good in studies. From this, take a look at how we were in our school life. Atharva added.

Atharva Says that he got 81% in 10th. He completed his college career at MMCC Marathwada Mitramandal’s College of Commerce, Pune. Atharva has a degree in Bachelor of Commerce (

Atharva Sudame Birthday Date

Atharva Sudame will be 25 years old in 2023. He was born in 1998 in a small family in Narayanpeth, Pune. His birth date has not been revealed yet.

Atharva Sudame Team

There are many team members with Athrava who work with him on the reels. Athrava tells that Pawan Vaghulkar is his 8-10 years old friend. Danny Pandit is also his close friend.

Atharva Sudame Team

Atharva Sudame’s Social Media Accounts

Danny Pandit is very active on his social media accounts. He has more than 4 lakh followers on one of his Instagram accounts. He is the most followed social media influencer among Marathi content creators. He posts reels & some parts of the vlog on his social accounts. check his social media accounts below.

Atharva Sudame
Instagram Account atharvasudame
Facebook Pageatharva.sudame.9
Youtube Channel@atharvasudame4601
Business With Atharva SudameMessage on Instagram

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Atharava Sudame’s NetWorth

Atharva Sudame currently has 4 lakh active subscribers on his YouTube channel. There are more than 7 lakh followers on Instagram. As you know, more sponsorship money is received from ads on Instagram and YouTube reels. Now Youtube Shorts also generate decent money for influencers. Overall social media influencers & stars are getting more demand from Bollywood actors for their new movie promotion through the reels.

We researched it through some popular tools and some figures came before us. according to the information We have measured the net worth of Atharva Sudame’s estimated net worth is $1,20,000.

Quick Information

Atharva Sudame Wife Rucha Sudame
Atharva Sudame EducationBachelor of Commerce (
Atharva Sudame CollegeMMCC Marathwada Mitramandal’s College of Commerce, Pune
Atharva Sudame Birthday1998 (26 Year)
NetWorth $1,20,000

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What is Rucha Sudame Instagram ID?

Rucha Sudame instagram ID is

Athrava Sudame Merriege Video?

Click here & watch Atharva Sudame & Rucha’s wedding ceremony.

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